Water Nutrition – The Foundation of Good Health

Water, more than 65% in humans, is essential for life. After oxygen, water is the most important element for the body. It must be consumed regularly to stay healthy. The water is filled with mineral salts (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc.) and trace elements. Drink to compensate for daily losses such as urine, stool, sweat, lung evaporation. Water accounts for 85% of our brain, 83% of our blood, 70% of our muscles, 22% of our bones, 2% of tooth enamel.

Water has many roles:

  • maintain body temperature around 37 ° C;
  • ensures the sufficiency of the volume of blood and lymphatic fluid in the body;
  • serves as a lubricant for the functioning of joints and eyes;
  • cleans the body and eliminates waste and toxins;
  • moisturizes the skin;
  • allows the brain to function well;
  • facilitates digestion and intestinal transit;
  • drinking a large glass of water provides a full stomach sensation, so it can be effective in calming the urge to snack.

7 Science-Based Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water:

Water carries nutrients to the brain. Did you know that 85% of the brain is immersed in water to provide nutrients and protect against shocks?

The water contributes to the thermoregulation, that is to say the adjustment of the temperature of the body. It dissipates heat in the form of sweat when the body is overheated and its temperature must drop. That said, your body may overheat and need water even in the absence of perspiration.

Water contributes to lipid metabolism. A good water supply allows the kidneys and liver to function at their best and thus reduce the accumulation of fat (adipose deposits) in the body. The kidneys use water to rid the blood of toxins, organic waste and salt.

When the water supply is insufficient, part of the kidneys work is done by the liver, which does not have the capacity to metabolize excess fat.

  • Water lubricates the organs. Our organs all need water to give optimal performance. The water also prevents the blood from thickening, which greatly benefits the heart function.
  • Water carries nutrients to all parts of the body.
  • Water disrupts the body from its toxins and organic waste.

Healthy hydration guide:

Nutrition and hydration are essential for training and running long distance races such as half-marathons and marathons. The diet of a runner is important not only to maintain good health, but also to promote maximum performance. Here are some basics about nutrition and hydration, including what, when, and how much to eat and drink.

What is the reason that you require water?

Your body happens to be made with almost two – thirds of the water so it’s very significant that you drink enough amount of water for staying healthy and hydrated. If you do not have enough water, you may feel exhausted, have headaches and your body won’t be able to performance well. “Fluid” comprises not only bottle water or tap water, but also other kinds of drinks which provide you water for example coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks and fruit juices. You can also have the water from the meal you eat. On average, food use to provide almost 20% of the total fluid intake?

How much do you need The amount of fluid your body require based on a lot of things, counting the time, how much physical activity you do and your age, but the European recommendations suggest 1.6L of liquid per day for women (about 8 glasses 200ml) and 2L of liquid per day for men (about 10 glasses 200ml). This is above the water provided by the foods you eat.

Water – a vital nutrient:

The body constantly losing water – between 2.5 and 3 liters per day – during the exercise of its normal functions, it must get replaced for keeping your body healthy. Sarcastically, the feeling of thirst appears as your body has already begun to dehydrate. That is why it happens to be very imperative drinking water regularly, without to get waiting being thirsty. At the moment one begins feeling thirsty; your body has already dehydrated from 0.8% – 2% of its weight.

These are some of the many roles water plays in body functions:

Water and your brain

The cellular tissues of your brain are composed of 85% water. When you are not well hydrated, your brain may be the first to feel the effects, with headaches, lack of concentration and a reduction in your ability to memorize in the short term. Even your ability to calculate and your psychomotor dexterity can be reduced. This is because dehydration reduces the level of energy production in the brain. Studies have shown that an individual’s ability to concentrate decreases gradually as soon as the body is subject to a water deficiency of 1 to 2%.

Water and your blood

Blood is 95% water. It is the water that transports the nutrients to the cells of your body and eliminates waste. When you are dehydrated, the mechanism that regulates blood pressure will not work properly which can lead to an increase in blood pressure.

Water and your skin

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is made up of 70% water. Every day we lose water through evaporation through the skin. The environment in which we live, with air conditioning and heating, low humidity, soaps and other cleaners, can damage the upper layers of the epidermis and reduce its ability to maintain a level of hydration suitable. If you do not drink enough to compensate for the water your body loses, your skin becomes dry. Moisturizing creams can cure the symptoms but the simplest solution is to moisturize from the inside by drinking a glass of water.

Guidelines for staying hydrated:

How to stay hydrated?

The amount of water you need each day depends on your age, gender and level of activity. Your need may also increase in hot, humid weather.

Drinking water regularly keeps you hydrated. It is recommended drinking more water when it is hot and at the time you happen to be physically active.

Choose water over drinks high in sugar, calories, and fat. Low calorie and fat milk and sugar-free prepared soy beverages happen to be also healthy choices to stay hydrated.

Why do you need water?

The body loses water during sweating, breathing and waste disposal. When you lose more fluid than you drink, you become dehydrated. The risk of dehydration is higher in young children and the elderly. They must drink all day long.

Water is a calorie-free drink that helps you hydrate in a healthy way. It contributes to the proper functioning of the body in various ways:

  • by maintaining body temperature,
  • by promoting the breakdown of food, so that the body can absorb the nutrients they contain,
  • by eliminating waste,
  • acting as a protective cushion between cells, muscles and joints,
  • by promoting intestinal regularity.

Vamp’s Vineyard Voyage

We met at American Yacht Club for lunch. The crew (well, not me, I was
the last to arrive) had prepared the boat, loaded the provisions and
sorted the sails. After our pleasant lunch we said goodbye to land for
a few days and took the launch to our J-44 at her mooring. As the crew
started running sheets, guys, lines, laying out jack lines and getting
ready to unfurl the main,I sat at the nav table, synthesizing four
different weather forecasts, while plugging the course into the computer
and the GPS.

The Vineyard Race is an annual event from Stamford, 70 miles to the exit
of long Island Sound, 44 miles further east to the Buzzards Bay Light
Tower off Martha’s Vineyard (round leaving to starboard), 28 miles to
Block Island (round leaving to starboard), back into Long Island Sound
(either via the Race or the “Gut”) then back to Stamford (238 miles
total). (website www.stamfordyc.com/sailing/racing/vineyardrace.htm).

During the hour-long motor to the starting area, we had a team meeting.
There were eleven of us: skipper/owner Lenny, his watch included Tom
E., Heather D., Dr. Franz and bowman Doug L. The other watch
consisted of Watch Captain Skip S., Bob B., Tommy C., Whit B. and
bowman Bobby S. I was navigator with a “floating” watch. In some
ways a “floating” watch is tougher than a fixed watch, my
responsibility was to ALWAYS be aware of our position, our strategic
goals, the current and forecast weather conditions and any “trigger”
conditions under which I needed to be notified (woken up). Our team
meeting / briefing covered safety, performance, operations,
housekeeping, food, watch assignments and other details.

Our start was at 3:50PM. The starts were at 10 minute intervals, the
first had been at 3PM, we were the sixth division to start (of eight).

The wind was southwesterly when we started (confirming all our
forecasts). With the course direction being east, that meant a
downwind start. Those are always tricky beasts, you can get it right,
or VERY wrong. We managed a PERFECT start, had clean air,
hoisted our spinnaker 20 seconds before the start (15 seconds before
any of the other eight boats in our division) We crossed the line
first and with pace. Soon we had a 200 yard lead on all our
competitors … not long after that, with clean air and a clean lane we
had a quarter mile lead. GREAT start.

Our strategic objectives in the first part of the race were to stay
“clean”, stay fast and not get into “fights” with other boats. This was
looking good … we saw one rival J-44 Brown Eyed Girl (BEG) going deep
to the Long Island Shore (hoping for better breeze or cleaner air?),
and two others (J-44 Resolute and perennially successful Swan 46
Galadriel) dueling for clean air. We “made tracks” downwind,
downcourse and monitored our competition.

The weather was beautiful … breezy enough to drive the boat with
speed, but not so much as to present any boat handling challenge. It
was sunny, warm and clear. A beautiful afternoon for a sail. We
saw the REALLY fast rather spectacular boats pass us, the maxi-yachts.
Wow. The amazing thing was that they were in the midst of gybing duels
… they move so fast that they need a lot of room to maneuver. They
were SWOOSHING left and right, using the entire four-mile width of LI
Sound as a runway … WOW. It was amusing, actually, as they gybed
back and forth rather rapidly, other, smaller boats started gibing …
but what’s appropriate for a maxi is not for a smaller boat. We held
our course.

We continued going “downwind” as efficiently as we could manage. We
maintained a loose cover over our competition … Brown Eyed Girl and
Galadriel between us and the LI Shore, then J-44 Resolute attacking
Galadriel. It was a beautiful sunset.

At 8PM we commenced our watch routine. Cap’t Lenny’s team took the
first watch. I noted our “distance to go”, because the watches had
pledged to battle each other for an overall distance contest. Dinner
was great: chunks of filet mignon in gravy over rice, served in bowls
and eaten on the rail. By the time we finished the meal and cleaned up
it had gone completely dark.

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