Niantic Bay Yacht Club Host Early Bird Regatta

Week two of ECSA’s circuit featured perfect sailing conditions as NBYC hosted the Early Bird Regatta today.  Under sunny skies, with a southwest wind, 28 boats came out to race.  The fleet featured hot Class A boats including a Tripp 36 all the way to a classic ensign class.  If you haven’t raced before, there’s a class for you.

The race featured a windward leeward course with a beat against a strong ebb tide.
Rich, crew on Mast Transit II, said they dug in hard to the beach to keep out of the current.  They started on starboard, but tacked and went into the beach.  There was a huge ebb that buried Hatchett reef.  They went on to finish second to Illusion owned by John Bourget.

This same strategy paid off for Euphoria as well.  At one point they posted a look out on the bow to avoid the rocks.  One boat wasn’t as lucky and will have to spend some time refairing their keel.  Euphoria finished 3 boat lengths behind Salude, and corrected out to first.  In doing so she recaptured the Art Meyers Memorial Trophy named in honor of a former commodore of NBYC.

Euphoria and Salude will continue their rivalry during Off Soundings.  After a perfect day of sailing the sailors enjoyed a great party hosted by NBYC.

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