How Our Food Grade Liquid Transportation Works

One of basic cornerstones which come in our way while debating on food grade transportics is the use of bulk food grade liquid. The obvious reasons owing to which volume transport is favored, because it reduces overall cost of shipping and helps company benefit out of it. Even though it is an essential aspect of the process, but it is always helpful to gain complete insight and then begin using services of food grade Transport Company. The reason it is important is, when each component of logistics is kept in sync then only value is going to come through.

Exhaustive cleaning process

Before the process of pick up begins, the vehicle goes through the process of rigorous cleaning. Such cleaning methods ensure that vehicle is free from any sort of contamination and is good enough to carry food. Along with cleaning, effort is also taken for checking insulation within the tanker.

Sterilization of tanks

Our Sterilization of food tanks is more than simply blasting a hose inside the tank. During this step, everything beginning from hoses, pumps and valves have to go through it all. This process gets even tougher when it needs to be Kosher certified. It shall include the number of deliverable done using the vehicles and also number of times required.

This difficult journey is important, especially for us to ensure that food is delivered in the best quality and condition. During the course of transport, there are chances that one has to deal with allergic concerns, maintenance of temperature etc.

Safe liquid transportation

The optimization of liquid transports is done with the use of vinyl hosing with a metal exterior. This is done to ensure that the liquids don’t get contaminated with other chemicals commonly found in many hoses. Much research has been done on the topic of liquid transport safety and I would point you to garden hose adviser to get some really good detailed information regarding the dynamics of how the different materials in hoses can affect the liquids.

Abide by the standards

Before loading of food actually begins, washing and inspection of trailer is performed. Once the check is completed, only then food loading begins. If in case milk has to be loaded in, a trained personnel is expected to do the task someone who is aware of all the protocols and is capable of conducting sampling and weight checks. Other form of products like oil, juices etc. also requires the personnel to follow similar procedures.

Keep track of the container

Transport companies who are pioneers in the industry, must be equipped with latest forms of technology. We have been working with Libelium for sometime and with excellent results. This also enables them keep a track of container and find out when food is actually going to get to the customer. The use of technology is a boon for both company and customer, and enables then make most of food transportation.

While using this process, any foreseen delay can be detected and also corrected then and there. For items which are tangible, are closely watched ensuring that they are delivered to customer in an appropriate and timely manner. Upon reaching the final destination, the manner of delivery is coordinated with customers making sure quality of good isn’t compromised on any step.

Make the right choice

To make sure food is transported in appropriate quality, it is essential to make right choice of transporter. Instead of hovering through inexperienced players in the market, it is wise to opt for the best one in the market. Kan-Haul is one of the trusted names in the market that can be relied on for their transportation services in the industry. contacting us, can give customers peace of mind and also assurance that their goods will reach them in time and also in good quality.

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